About John

With a degree in the fine arts, but experience and enthusiasm for the workings of machines, John’s focus in Perennial Designs is primarily upon acquiring,  running, and restoring the equipment necessary to produce the printed products – via techniques both modern and antique.   Already proficient and knowledgeable in current archival production and digital preparation methods, his passion for authenticity and detail led him into the past.  In researching 19th century letterpresses, he joined the worldwide resurgence of appreciation for a printing process deeply and visibly connected to the operator.  John collects and restores presses, makes and sells parts for others, all primarily centered on the classic Golding brand.  He gives regular “Introduction to Letterpress” workshops in his well equipped studio.    His technical understanding of the delicate and variable aspects involved in getting the equipment to produce quality pages is a reflection of his love of machinery.  John  is happy to communicate with anyone regarding any aspect of the repair, restoration, set up, and techniques involving the letterpress process.

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