Due to recent price increases in raw materials and Paypal fees, I have had to increase the cost to $28.95 plus $7.05 priority mail in the continental US.   Contact us for mailing costs outside of US or if you have trouble with ordering.  I will send you a Paypal invoice.  Thanks,  John

Order Falstrom Letterpress adjusting gauge 1 Gauge @ $28.95


  • T&T Press Restoration:

    John, We received the letterpress adjusting gauge and immediately put it to work. We had three presses on the bench, nearly ready for shipment, when the gauge arrived. Each platen required adjustment to make the presses ready to work once they arrived at their new owner’s shop. The first to be adjusted was a 6 X 10 Kelsey. Each press we refurbish is completely disassembled for cleaning, component inspection, media blasting, and paint. Upon reassembly the correct platen location, relative to the chase bed, is exactly what the client expects. Your tool is just the solution we were waiting for. It is fast and accurate, almost foolproof. Your instruction sheet enabled us to clearly put the gauge to work producing the desired results. You emphasize double checking the adjustments and that is exactly what we did. We do not know how the printer will use the press we refurbish, i.e. paper weight, tympan packing, hand-set type, polymer plate, score, or die cut. What we do know, using the adjusting gauge, is the platen is set to “type high” plus about 0.040″. We tighten the platen lock nuts, check it one more time and with confidence inform the new operator that the press is good to go. The next two presses were Pilots, both new and old style. Adjusting the platens was easy. Thank you for supplying us with a quality tool and a sound process. This tool is highly recommended and does what John says it will do.

    Very satisfied,

    Tom & Terri Kartes

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