Letterpress Workshops

Perennial Designs/Lyme Letterpress Studio offers letterpress workshops for individuals or small groups. 

You will learn to print on a Pearl No. 2 tabletop letterpressPearlNo2a from 1876, but, see and learn about a large selection of other Golding models which include four other Pearl models, a Jobber No. 6 and a fabulous Potter proof press.

Other equipment in the shop includes a Ludlow typecaster, Miller printers saw, Hot foil machine, foot operated perforator, MBM paper cutter and many other related machines.  We print with handset type, Ludlow cast type, Magnesium on wood, Copper on wood, and the boxcar system. 

You can customize your workshop to fit your specific needs.  Topics such as file preparation in Adobe Illustrator, paper selection, equipment adjustment, setup and care, and much more can be covered.  We specialize in Golding but the information applies to all presses including Kelsey, Sigwalt, Baltimore, Craftsmen, Adana, and Chandler& Price.  The shop is pleasant and clean, with heat and air conditioning in the beautiful rural town of Lyme, Connecticut.  We are easy to find with direct access from Route 95.  We charge $20.00 per hour per person plus materials if any are required.  Group discount rates are available.  You can stay an hour, or all day if you like.  Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, with weekends possible upon discussion.

Contact us to set up your own workshop today!

See more pics on  flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/49638884@N03/


2 Responses to “Letterpress Workshops”

  • I visited John & Angie’s studio in late August 2010…I made the trip from Maryland and it was by far the greatest learning experience I’ve had thusfar in my letterpress training. John took the time to sit down with me the morning I arrived to discuss the things I wanted to review during my visit. By the end of the day, we had covered it all and then some!

    Having been frustrated with being unable to get my own press (a Golding Jobber #6) adjusted properly, I learned exactly how to adjust my platen and the specific functions of all the adjustable bolts and what they were doing ‘behind the scenes’ to the platen. Because I brought my rollers with me, we were able to diagnose the fact that my trucks had worn down and came up with a resolution to the issue. John really knows his stuff about these machines and is happy to share his knowledge with newbies.

    If you’re interested in letterpress and want to learn everything from the basics to more advanced letterpress related items as well as starting your own letterpress related business, I highly suggest you make the trip to Lyme…wearing clothes you’re ready to get dirty in and armed with a notebook, pen and camera. It’s a beautiful little town and you’ll leave with the knowledge you need to get things up and running!

  • admin:

    Thanks for the kind words Kristina. Angie & I enjoyed your visit and look forward to seeing the products you create on your Golding Jobber. You were obviously very serious about the equipment you purchased, and learning everything you could on proper setup. You undoubtedly will achieve better output and have a rewarding experience.

    Best Regards,


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