Poetry and Art along the Connecticut River book released

Poetry and Art along the Connecticut River combines a wonderful variety of visual and written art in a lovely little book.  Paintings from local artists were selected and poems written about them by The Connecticut River Poets.  The book itself is printed on fine papers with careful attention to every detail.  6″ x 9″, 46 pages. Published by Perennial Designs.





Patricia Barone • Barbara Batt • Jane D’Arista • Margaret Gibson • Mary Guitar • Gwen Gunn

Nancy Meneely • Marilyn Nelson • Patricia Horn O’Brien • Sharon Olson • Lana Orphanides

Lorraine Riess • Kate Rushin • Edwina Trentham • Mary Buell Volk


Helen Cantrell • Ashby Carlisle • Catherine Christiano • Angie Falstrom • Judy Friday

Laurel B. Friedmann • Sandy Garvin • Gray Jacobik • Ralph Levesque • Jodi Muench

Kim Muller-Thym • Judy Perry • Deborah Quinn-Munson • Hillary Seltzer • Lori Warner

Order yours by clicking this link 

or purchase at these establishments

Florence Griswold Museum Gift Shop, Old Lyme • Lori Warner Gallery, Chester

judy friday gallery, Old Lyme • Sandy Garvin Gallery, Old Lyme

Order Poetry and Art book Poetry and Art book @ $24.95

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