Rare Golding Pearl for sale

This is a extremely rare opportunity.  It is not likely that you will see one like this again.   This is a fully restored Golding Pearl No. 1 (5 x 8) with the shipping crate it came in being used as the base.  This beautiful option was available from Golding but is seldom seen.   The famous Golding Pearls are some of the most sought after presses available today.   Ordinary examples are getting increasingly difficult to find.  Examples this unusual in this condition few and far between.  The press will be perfectly adjusted and come with my Falstrom gauge and an introductory lesson on the press.  It will also have new trucks and rollers which are not on the press as yet.  Shipping is not available.  You must come to my shop for pickup in rural Lyme, CT.  I am 10 minutes from Route 95.   A 10% deposit is required with the balance due on pickup.    This press is sold. 

I have other Golding presses available if this is not your preference.  Contact me:  john.falstrom@att.net

Golding Pearl No. 8 floor press (5 x 8):  $2395.00
Golding Official No. 3 tabletop (5 x 8):  Sold

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 Click here to go to the page to pay deposit.  Scroll down to end of pictures and add to cart.


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