Golding letterpress sales

For those of you looking to purchase a restored Golding letterpress from me do not be discouraged when none appear to be available here on my website.  Most of my sales now occur by the person contacting me and asking me  to find them a certain model press.  I keep a press waiting list and contact the appropriate person when a press becomes available.  Most of my press sales never show up anywhere online.  A press is located, a price determined and mutually agreed upon, a deposit is taken, and the press is then restored for the buyer.  All press sales require pickup at my shop in Lyme, CT.  You get a tour of my shop, discussion of letterpress equipment, a lesson on your press that includes actually printing, my custom “Falstrom gauge” which helps adjust inking and impression, and ALL your questions answered.  Then and only then, I load the press into your vehicle.  If you are in the market for a high quality press, a Golding will not disappoint.  Please contact me at:

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