1902 Golding Improved Pearl No. 11 for sale.

This is my latest restoration.  It will be properly adjusted and ready to print.   It will get new trucks, cores and rollers when a deposit is taken.  It will have the cubby door reproduced by a finish carpenter and be installed at the same time.  Pearls are great presses suitable for the beginner or experienced alike.  It’s easy running and a pleasure to treadle.  They have a chase size of 7 x 11, three rollers for better inking, and the indispensable throw off lever.  It comes with my custom roller/platen gauge for easier adjustment of inking and impression.  It includes an introduction to letterpress lesson at my shop.  I will personally load it into your vehicle.  As with all my press sales, there is no shipping.  You must come to pick it up at my shop in rural Lyme, CT.   You will print on your press and be satisfied that the press works properly and all you questions have been carefully answered before the loading process begins.  That’s the way I like to do business.  Pearls are getting harder to find.  Don’t miss this opportunity.  Sold and will live in Atlanta, thanks!


You can reserve this press for your own by providing the deposit listed here and pay using Paypal or contacting me and sending a check.  Balance is due on pickup.  Press must be picked up in a timely manner.  john.falstrom@att.net





Order Improved Pearl No. 11 press Deposit to reserve press @ $280.00

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