Falstrom Letterpress Roller and Platen adjusting gauge!

A word about my Falstrom gauge. As I visit Briar Press I often read how new enthusiasts have difficulty adjusting their presses. The two main issues are proper inking, and even impression. I decided to try to do something about it. One gauge already existed which is for measuring proper roller height. It is nicknamed the lollypop because of its shape. I couldn’t find any gauge to help adjust the evenness of the platen. My new dual gauge addresses both of these issues. On one end is a white lollypop which is used to set roller height for proper inking. It is very easy to use and the ink stripe you create is very easy to see against the white color. In addition however, I have added two black platen height gauges that can be adjusted to fit any size platen press up to 8″x12″ or there abouts. These black pieces are adjusted with the thumbscrew to be in a top and bottom corner of your platen. You can also adjust them to be in diagonal corners. You simply loosen the lock nuts on the platen and turn the screw in until you get one side of the platen evenly adjusted against the two black cylinders. Repeat this on the other side, then recheck the first side. You do this without ink, chase, or packing on the press. The cylinders are sized so that after adjustment, and you add a normal packing to the press you are very close to proper and even impression. It is especially helpful if you want to disassemble your press for cleaning or painting and need to get it back into specs, or you suspect your press is out of adjustment and exhibiting uneven impression. It is made of brass and delrin so there is nothing to rust or corrode.

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